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Plastics Additives

Durable Enhancer

Achieving exceptional performance with demanding plastic composites

Technology trends are demanding increasingly higher performance capabilities in epoxy molding compounds (EMCs), phenolics, urethanes and other thermoset materials, as well as thermoplastics. Silicone resins, silane and fluid additives enable the formulation of specialty high-performance compounds and composites that meet industry demands, such as higher operating temperatures in smaller devices, greater efficiency and increased usage of recycled materials.

Applications and benefits

Plastic additives are used in a wide variety of applications, including vinyl, blow-molding bottles, film, rigid containers, PVC plastics, siding, decks and rails, foam pipes and profile formulations, window frames and high-efficiency lubricants.

  • Acrylic processing aids – providing high efficiency, surface smoothness, faster fusion and highly homogenous melts for plastic additives, and melt strength for an improved foaming process for PVC building and construction products that yield lower density, higher expansion and very fine cell structure
  • Hybrid additives (silicone and polyethylene) – increasing manufacturing efficiency, reducing processing temperature and torque, and enabling higher usage of recycled polyethylene in wood-fllled systems
  • Impact modifiers – enhancing impact efficiency for vinyl and high clarity and high-impact resistance for PVC packaging applications
  • Specialty additives – improving ductility of injection molding, low temperature toughness and reduced melt viscosities for engineering resins
  • Silicone thermoplastic additives – delivering low stress whitening, flexibility, UV resistance, and excellent ink and paint adhesion for films, sheets, tubing, pipes, toys and consumer products
  • Silicone and silane thermoset additives – adding new properties, such as flame retardancy, improved thermal resistance, molded internal stress relief, better compatibility between fillers and the base resin, and optimized processing for electronics and engineering applications


Wood Replacement

Learn how foam cell promoters facilitate cellular foam PVC construction products that are affordable and durable wood alternatives, yet just as workable as the wood products they replace