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Gels, Encapsulants and Conformal Coatings

Protect Electronic Components

Maximizing reliability by minimizing stress

Silicone gels, encapsulants and conformal coatings can protect electronic components against moisture, dirt, shock, vibration and other harsh environmental factors.

Silicone gels combine the stress relief and self-healing qualities of a liquid with the dimensional stability of an elastomer. Silicone encapsulants cure with minimal shrinkage and involve no solvents or cure by-products, helping to maximize processing efficiency and minimize costs. Conformal coatings help protect circuitry against severe environments, while maintaining a low stress environment for components and connections.

Electronics and Systems Assembly
Shielding sensitive electronic components against harsh conditions is critical to ensuring reliable performance – whether targeting applications for extreme military or industrial use, automotive, computing or communications.?Silicone gels, encapsulants and conformal coatings help improve the reliability and performance of complex or extremely delicate electronic components even in the most demanding environments.

Silicone encapsulant and gel materials can ensure reliable performance from LED modules in tough conditions. With reliable thermal conductivity and relative thermal indexes reaching as high as 150°C, these materials help ensure long-term reliability and lower lifetime costs for LED lamp and luminaire designs.?Conformal coatings protect circuit boards and LEDs, making them more reliable and extending their service life. Dow’s proven coatings shield circuitry in severe LED service environments while reducing stress on components and connections – all with the added benefit of lower lifetime costs.