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Emulsions, Fluids, Blends and Dispersions

Value for End-Users

Bringing new versatility to formulations

Silicone emulsions, fluids, blends and dispersions bring a wide range of formulation versatility across multiple market segments and applications.

Specialty Fluids

  • Aircraft deicing fluids – undiluted and pre-diluted fluids for anti-icing protection and removing snow, ice, frost and other frozen precipitation from aircraft surfaces
  • Primers – cleaners and primers for construction and electronics applications
  • Silicone cleaning agents – solvents and cleaners for removing silicone residue and cured silicone from manufacturing equipment and surfaces

Fluids, Blends and Dispersions

  • Elastomer blends –?easy-to-use silicone elastomers that help develop aesthetically pleasing personal care formulations that create an enjoyable and transformative sensorial experience?(such as smooth, silky, lubricious leave-on skin care products)
  • Fluids and blends for beauty care – volatile and non-volatile silicone fluids that cover a wide range of viscosities and functionality (dimethyl, amino, phenyl, alkyl, amido, carbinol, high RI)
  • Auto appearance chemicals – silicone fluids, blends, emulsions and formulation aids for creating formulations that impart shine, durability, water repellency and feel to automotive surfaces, including waxes, polishes, rinse aids and protectants/conditioners for tires, vinyl, leather and trim
  • Silicone release agents – used in applications including die cast, mold, tire, plastic and concrete release to provide quick release from molds (such as tires and food containers) and lubricity and slipperiness in applications that use rollers (such as newspaper presses and conveyor belts)

Emulsions and Suspensions

  • Acrylic emulsions – acrylic polymers that provide a range of benefits for beauty care formulations, including outstanding hold, styling durability and softness in hair treatments; enhanced SPF in sunscreens; water resistant films; and stability/rheology modification in challenging systems
  • Emulsions and suspensions – concrete and tile sealers in construction; film formers and durable floor polishes for home care, and industrial and infrastructure; and aqueous binders for paints, inks and coatings
  • Emulsions and fluids for fabric care – silicone materials used in all states of textile processes to provide softening, lubrication, foam control, whiteness/resistance to yellowing and hydrophobic coatings to fabrics
  • Waterborne emulsions for construction – silicone-based emulsions and blends maximize durability, reduce maintenance, improve aesthetics and hydrophobicity, reduce water absorption, improve water repellency and deliver low impact on permeability and on VOC in building materials
  • Emulsions for paints, inks and coatings – silicone emulsions enhance coating performance as additives for foam control, water repellency, slip and mar
  • Waterborne silicone emulsions – deliver superior thermal stability and weatherability of silicone materials with low VOC