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Additives and Modifiers

Enhance and Improve

Enabling endless opportunities with innovative, high-performance materials

One of the most powerful tools that chemistry provides is the ability to develop specialized additives and modifiers to enhance and improve product performance. These versatile materials are used in many industries and applications to make high-value products even better.

Whether it’s silicone resins that provide long lasting benefits in color cosmetics, latex powders that improve construction adhesives, rheology modifiers that improve the application characteristics of paint, or dispersions that enable reflective coatings for cool roofing products – additives and modifiers are the secret to specialized performance capabilities.

Here’s an overview of the ways that additives and modifiers are used in a wide range of applications and products:

  • Personal care – offering acrylates and hybrids that boost the SPF of sun care products with longer-lasting UV protection as well as textures that feel great and stay put, or providing silicone resins and acrylates that enable long-wear color cosmetics with excellent water resistance and sebum resistance
  • Paint, inks and coatings –?offering an innovative, broad portfolio of rheology modifiers, dispersants, surfactants, and opaque polymers that improve performance properties such as hiding, surface smoothness and application properties, while also providing heat and UV resistance, optimized stability and enhanced dry film performance
  • Building and construction – delivering a wide range of technically advanced, high-quality acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate polymers as well as silicone resins and cellulose ethers that improve the performance, aesthetics, sustainability and durability of cement products, mortars, adhesives, grout, joint compounds, roofing tiles, waterproofing membranes and much more
  • Pulp and paper – developing silicone polyether resins that help antifoams perform better by improving emulsion stability, knockdown, persistency and drainage – or any combination of these benefits