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Stretch Hood

A logistics solution that fits your packaging

Packaging protects a product. But what protects the package? That’s a big question as e-commerce and cargo shipments drive more and more products around the world. Unsaleable or returned goods due to transport damage cost millions of dollars each year. Finding a better way to keep shipments safe and secure would bring smiles to the entire value chain.
Well, get ready to smile.

Stretch hood protection

Stretch hood packaging encloses shipping pallets in a single sheath of high-performance film, top to bottom. It literally fits like a glove. Stretch hood packaging offers five-sided protection: The top is closed to ensure products stay dry and to provide protection against ultra-violet radiation. The four side panels are also solid and further reduce the risk of weather damage, while providing exceptional stability and holding force.

The stretch hood film extends below the bottom edge of the pallet, tightly wrapping around the bottom edge to completely secure the load. The result? Products stay put on their pallets. Period.

Resins for stretch hood film

At Dow, we’ve been working with industry experts and developing films for stretch hood for close to 30 years. We even have our own stretch hood line and transportation packaging test labs at Pack Studios Freeport, Texas. We take packaging seriously. So you can trust our portfolio of resins and our suggestions for how to mix and match them for the best results.

  • ELITE? AT Enhanced Polyethylene Resins
  • VERSIFY? Plastomers & Elastomers

Suggested stretch hood structures deliver excellent elasticity for films that conform tightly to the contours of the packaged goods. Excellent toughness and puncture resistance are key. Good tear resistance is another advantage. You may even achieve holding force at lower densities and be able to downgauge for lower raw material costs.

The stretch hood process itself offers many advantages:

  • Stretch hood machines can wrap more than 100 pallet loads per hour, versus about 60 loads per hour for stretch wrap.
  • One roll of stretch hood film is good for 800-1,200 pallets; one roll of stretch wrap is typically good for roughly 150 pallets.
  • A stretch hood roll is changed every 5–12 hours; stretch wrap rolls are changed every several hours.

That’s higher throughput. Less downtime. Increased productivity.

There are other benefits, like better clarity for easily seeing what’s on the pallet, the ability to store pallets in rain or shine, and overall economics versus alternative pallet transport.

Need more shipping protection? Let’s see what fits.

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