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Food and Beverage Processing

Controlling temperatures and foam during food processing and packaging

Ready to reduce waste and production and maintenance costs? Need to increase productivity while saving money? Our inhibited heat transfer fluids, silicone antifoams and defoaming agents are designed to address undesirable temperature fluctuations and eliminate problematic foam during the production, processing and packaging of food and beverages.

Our versatile product line of proven solutions includes:

  • Secondary-loop refrigerant applications – propylene glycol heat transfer fluids that offer advantages for grocery stores and supermarkets including a reduced environmental footprint, increased safety, lower costs and reduced potential of exposure to primary refrigerants by workers and store occupants
  • Chilling and freezing products – virtually tasteless, low-toxicity and low-odor glycol-based heat transfer fluids used in a variety of applications to cool food products during processing and to cool liquid beverages in vending machines
  • Defrosting and dehumidifying products – ethylene glycol fluids that help prevent frost formation, remove condensation, control humidity and maintain optimal chilling efficiency on refrigeration coils in walk-in freezers and cold rooms
  • Silicone antifoams and defoaming agents – a safe and effective way of eliminating problem foam while decreasing food processing and maintenance costs, increasing capacity and production, complying with relevant dietary laws and regional regulations
  • Food-grade lubricant-based fluids and additives that are safe for incidental food contact with equipment used in food and beverage processing, storage and transportation
  • Industrial cleaning products for reducing the risk of product contamination and buildup-related equipment failures, as well as improving industrial hygiene and worker safety


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