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Films, Tapes and Release Liners

Performance Under Pressure

Delivering solutions for the pressure-sensitive industry

We have been working with industry partners for decades to improve formulations, refine production processes, and provide a range of coatings and adhesives technologies for a variety of applications. With a unified portfolio of acrylics, silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives and release coatings, we can help you shorten development time by quickly providing systems that meet your needs. Together we can help improve efficiency and deliver optimal performance with the following solutions:


Acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives

  • Tailoring label adhesion to the application, from permanent to removable or repositionable
  • Adhering to low energy substrates, across a range of conditions
  • Addressing specific performance needs, such as all-temperature adhesion, long-term UV and heat resistance, low noise, water whitening resistance, superior mandrel performance, and high-speed converting and wet-out

Silicone-based release coatings

  • Obtaining the best possible release level versus peel speed for any adhesive or substrate
  • Providing flat/high speed solutions for increasing converting and labeling speeds?
  • Reducing platinum dependency in the formulation

Silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesives

  • Providing exceptional performance to meet demanding requirements in electronics and automotive markets
  • Offering high-temperature resistance, superior moisture and UV resistance, electrical insulation



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