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Illuminating the future together

The future is looking bright for LED lighting designers and manufacturers. From offices to street lamps and automotive lighting to architectural installations, next-generation LED designs bring new possibilities in efficiency, light output, energy savings and expressive design while giving customers an entirely new experience.

Advancing your LED success, however, poses multiple challenges. You need better ways to maximize longevity and protect against environmental stress, all while managing overall process and system costs. Connect with the team at Dow to learn how we can work together to make sure that the lights stay on wherever, whenever.

Why silicones?

Silicone coatings, potting materials, adhesives and sealants?offer superb mechanical properties and provide strong protection of sensitive LED lights, while silicone thermal management materials?address overheating challenges common in LED luminaires.

Solutions for lighting

DOWSIL? conformal coatings shield LED circuitry from?contamination and reduce stress on components and connections, with the added benefit of lower lifetime costs.

DOWSIL? adhesives and sealants offer long-life adhesion for assembling components tightly and securely, as well as enhanced protection against environmental stress and moisture.

DOWSIL? thermally and electrically conductive materials help manufacturers manage heat in LED lamps and luminaires by drawing heat away from sensitive components and ensuring long-term performance.

SYLGARD? and DOWSIL? potting materials serve as dielectric insulation and protection for circuits from dust, moisture and other contaminants while dissipating damaging heat and absorbing component noise.

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