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Avionics, Aerospace and Defense

Navigating the future of air travel and equipment

From putting a man on the moon to developing advanced drone technologies, a lot has happened since the early days of aviation. We’re asking more from our aircrafts, whether they are traveling across the globe or into space, so they need to be outfitted with materials that can operate effectively and efficiently under extreme conditions.

Together we can identify and develop silicone solutions that meet your needs from airplanes and helicopters to military operations and spaceships. Our silicone technologies have long been recognized as industry standards and can help keep your aircrafts at the forefront of the future.

Why silicones?

Silicone properties are ozone resistant and naturally stable under a wide range of temperatures, moisture and other conditions. Our in-depth knowledge of silicone chemistries allows us to tailor material and performance properties specifically to your designs.

Solutions for avionics, aerospace and defense

DOWSIL? adhesives, sealants and foams can be used in aircrafts, helicopters and drones for both interior and exterior applications and as gaskets for compressors, gearboxes and pumps. Instant green-strength adhesives bond substrates with different thermal expansion rates, for use in current and future space module designs.

DOWSIL? optically clear materials resist temperature, humidity and other environmental extremes in avionics displays and lighting.

DOWSIL? coatings, gels and encapsulants can be used for defense operations to resist shock and stress, as well as dampen vibrations and provide good flame resistance. Space grade encapsulants are available for use with modules, relays, power supplies, PCBs and complete electronic assemblies.

SILASTIC? liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) can be used across the avionics, aerospace and defense markets providing excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and aging.

DOWSIL? thermal interface and electrically conductive materials provide reliable cooling solutions for electronics assemblies and ensure high-shielding effectiveness from electromagnetic interference (EMI) across frequencies in avionic electronics and sensors.

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