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Industrial Release

Industrial mold release agents and solutions

Efficient silicone release agents

Silicone release agents are used in die cast release, mold release, tire release, plastic release, and concrete release solutions, among other solutions.?Dow silicone release technology enables quicker release of products made in molds, such as tires and food containers, or provides lubricity and slipperiness in applications using rollers, such as newspaper presses and conveyor belts.

One of the key properties of silicone is its low surface tension – in particular, its low critical surface tension of wetting (or low surface energy). This combines with the low cohesive strength conferred by its methyl groups to give silicone excellent release characteristics.

Unlike more rigid carbon-carbon backbones, silicone polymers can easily expose their low- interacting/surface-active methyl groups to provide low adhesion, or easy release.

Silicone benefits for release

  • Excellent spreading on many different substrates, including metal mold surfaces?
  • Thermal stability
  • Formulations with the ability to cure to form thin films that do not transfer or interfere with the bulk properties of the substrate?
  • Lower surface tension than typical acrylic and SBR adhesives, facilitating release in pressure-sensitive label applications

Unique properties of silicone release agents

  • Higher heat stability than organic alternatives
  • Superior oxidation resistance characteristics?
  • Lower use rates than organics

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